Watch the chilling trailer for the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘1922’

Featuring plenty of rats, the undead and 'The Mist' star Thomas Jane slowly losing his shit as southern farmer Wilfred James

The new trailer for Netflix‘s adaptation of the Stephen King novella 1922 has been released – watch the chilling clip below.

Written in 2010 as part of King’s Full Dark, No Stars collection, 1922 tells the story of a Nebraska farming family with a dark secret. Thomas Jane stars as Wilfred James, who kills his wife Arlette (played by Molly Parker) in a fit of rage. After admitting to her murder, James is haunted by plagues of rats and his undead wife as he begins to lose a grip of his sanity.

Netflix’s adaptation of the tale has been directed by Zak Hilditch, who made These Final Hours. Among the other castmembers of 1922 are Dylan Schmid, Kaitlyn Bernard, Brian D’Arcy James, and Neal McDonough.


The film will be released on Netflix on October 20.

Watch the chilling new trailer for 1922 below.

1922 follows the great success enjoyed by another recent King adaptation, IT.

That film is now the highest-grossing horror movie in US history, with Andy Muschietti’s film surpassing the amount collected at the box office by the seminal film The Exorcist back in 1973.

Muschietti also revealed recently which King horror novel he’d like to adapt after he finishes the sequel to IT – although he has yet to be officially confirmed as the sequel’s director.