’21 Jump Street’ sequel in the works

Sony is trying to reassemble the team from the hit comedy

A sequel to 21 Jump Street is already in the works, according to reports.

The remake of the 1980s cop series, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, has been a critical and commercial hit, landing at number one in the US box office on its opening weekend. Unsurprisingly, Sony is already eager for a follow-up, according to Variety.

The studio is keen to reunite star and story writer Hill with screenwriter Michael Bacall for a follow-up. It is assumed that as in the first movie, Hill will come up with the treatment, leaving Bacall to look after the script itself.

No acting deals are yet in place, but Tatum will be likely to reprise his role of Jenko opposite Hill’s Schmidt.

It is not yet clear whether directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller would go back. Ironically, their success with 21 Jump Street has left them in demand in Hollywood and could keep them out of a sequel, since they are currently working on the Lego movie and are planning other projects.

Bacall meanwhile is already developing a sequel to Project X and writing the Tropic Thunder spin-off focused on Tom Cruise‘s Les Grossman character.

21 Jump Street concerns two young cops who are sent undercover in a high school, and is a remake of the show that made a star of Johnny Depp. You can watch the trailer at the top of the page.