’24’ could return without Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer

The show's producers have pitched a new season that could work either with or without Sutherland

24 could potentially return for another run without Kiefer Sutherland.

The actor reprised his signature role as Jack Bauer last year for a special 12-episode season called 24: Live Another Day. The so-called “limited event” season, which contained the first new episodes of 24 in four years, aired from May to July on Fox in the US and on Sky1 in the UK.

However, Sutherland revealed last month (December) that he “doesn’t see” himself making any further episodes of the popular espionage drama.

Now one of Fox’s CEOs, Dana Walden, has revealed that the producers of 24 have pitched a new season of 24 that could work either with or without Sutherland.

“We have discussed it with [Sutherland],” Walden said during a US press event attended by The Hollywood Reporter. “Potentially, he won’t be in this instalment, we’re not sure yet. We’re not that far along but I know he supports us doing more 24. We’re not talking about continuing the show without him; we’re talking about whether there’s one instalment that he’s not in.”

Discussing the pitch Fox has received, Walden added: “It was in the very origin stages… there was a point at which Jack Bauer could come in and fit very organically into their story, or [the producers] were prepared to do something that would be the one instalment without him.”

24 originally ran for eight seasons and 192 episodes between 2001 and 2010, and is considered the longest-running US espionage-themed TV drama ever having outlasted other iconic spy shows including The Avengers and Mission: Impossible.