A live-action Lion King movie could be on its way

Thanks to the success of The Jungle Book over the weekend

A live-action Lion King remake could be the next Disney remake after the success of the recent The Jungle Book remake.

Directed by Jon Favreau, The Jungle Book took a staggering $103m during its opening weekend, making it the second-biggest live-action PG-rated movie of all time and the second biggest April debut ever.

Scott Mendleson at Forbes said of The Jungle Book win, “It’s the latest in a swiftly growing line-up of “live action” adaptations of Disney animated classics. But this one may be something of a game-changer by showing just what is possible and available concerning future adaptations of this nature.”


A live-action Dumbo is already being remade by director Tim Burton, with a live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast coming soon from Bill Condon as well as a live-action take on Winnie the Pooh from Alex Ross.

Mendleson says The Lion King is surely the next in line to be made: “It remains the third-biggest Disney release ever behind Snow White, 101 Dalmatians, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Oh, and it sold 32 million copies during its initial VHS run, which is still a record,” he says.

Big stars feature in The Jungle Book remake, with Idris Elba voicing tiger Shere Khan, Scarlett Johnson as python Kaa, Ben Kingsley as panther Bagheera and Bill Murray voicing bear Baloo.