A second ‘Justice League’ member will feature in ‘Suicide Squad’

Batman has already known to be in the forthcoming film

A second Justice League member has been revealed to be in the forthcoming Suicide Squad film.

Although Warner Brothers haven’t credited Batman in the official cast list for the movie, it is widely-known via trailers and interviews that Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne will feature.

A final cast list also notes The Flash will appear in the film. As Comicbook reports, the list is in order of appearance in the film and shows that The Flash, played by Ezra Miller, will feature after Captain Boomerang.

Some fans had previously speculated that scenes in some trailers showing Captain Boomerang surrounded by lightning were actually him being caught by The Flash.

The list also suggests the movie will begin with Will Smith‘s Deadshot. You can see the full list here.

Suicide Squad is released in cinemas on August 5.