Aaron Sorkin: ‘Steve Jobs biopic is like writing about The Beatles’

The 'Social Network' scribe says he already expects a backlash against the film

Aaron Sorkin has said that he already expects a backlash against the Steve Jobs biopic he is writing.

The Social Network screenwriter said that he expects a “minefield of disappointment” from fans of the late Apple founder, and compared the process of adapting his life story to writing about The Beatles.

He told the Hollywood Reporter: “It’s a little like writing about The Beatles. There are so many people out there that know him and revere him.” He added that the eventual movie will be “a painting, not a photograph” of Jobs.

Sorkin continued: “[Jobs] is a complicated guy. [Mark] Zuckerberg was, as well. But when I’m writing this movie, I can’t judge this character. He has to be, for me, a hero.”

Of adapting Walter Isaacson‘s official biography into a screenplay, Sorkin said it will be “a process of procrastination,” saying, “What I’ll do is go through a long period that would not look to any casual observer like writing. It would look a lot like watching ESPN.”

A separate big-screen Jobs biopic is in the works under the title Jobs: Get Inspired, with Ashton Kutcher attached in the title role.