‘Absolutely Fabulous’ heading for the big screen

Jennifer Saunders plans to leave Edina and Patsy all at sea in the movie

Absolutely Fabulous is heading for the big screen, it has been confirmed.

Jennifer Saunders‘ hit ’90s sitcom about two hedonistic middle-aged women in the media is enjoying a revival, with three new TV specials in production. Now, a movie adaptation is in the works.

Saunders has spoken of her desire for a film version in the past, saying: “I want to write Ab Fab: The Movie. We’d have so much fun, and I’ve thought of a really nice idea. We thought it would be hilarious if [Edina and Patsy] went to a party on an oligarch’s yacht, got drunk, fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the ocean. Everyone else has left, and the ship has been moved on.”

Now, BBC Films Boss Christine Langan has confirmed to Deadline that the film is going ahead. She said: “I think [Jennifer] is a genius. I can’t imagine anything more exciting than working with her.”

The movie will start production once Saunders finishes work on the Spice Girls stage musical Viva Forever. The first of the new specials is expected to air at Christmas, with the final one going out around the time of the London 2012 Olympics.