‘Absolutely Fabulous’ star Joanna Lumley recalls ‘bizarre’ meeting with Donald Trump

It happened because Lumley's 'Ab Fab' character once praised Trump's ex-wife

Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley has recalled her “bizarre” encounter with Donald Trump several years ago.

The controversial US Presidential candidate, then best known as a businessman, requested a meeting with the actress after hearing that her Ab Fab character Patsy Stone had praised his ex-wife, Ivana, in an early episode of the sitcom.

Lumley told The Hollywood Reporter: “Donald Trump heard of this, although he’d never heard of the show, never heard of us, but at a party thrown for him it was decided that I should be brought along so he could have a look at the person who admired Ivana, to whom he was no longer married. He’d now married Marla, but he wanted to have a look at me. It was the most bizarre thing.”


Patsy Stone’s signature blonde beehive hairdo bears a distinct resemblance to Ivana Trump’s own trademark haircut. However, Lumley did not appear “in character” as Patsy when she met Trump. “Well, I put on some high heels, red lipstick and put my hair up. I went ‘Hello, Mr. Trump,'” Lumley explained. “But I couldn’t do it as Patsy because he didn’t know who Patsy was! So I just did my gushing Joanna ‘hello.’ It was a shocking moment.”

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, in which Lumley and Jennifer Saunders return as Patsy Stone and Eddy Monsoon, opens in UK cinemas this Friday (July 1). Watch the trailer below.


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