‘Akira’ live action movie finally given go-ahead

Garrett Hedlund has won the lead role of Kaneda

The live action version of Akira has finally been given the go-ahead.

Warner Bros have finally given the go-ahead to the film, which has been fraught with problems and delays since it was first conceived.

Garrett Hedlund, last seen in Tron: Legacy, has been cast in the lead role of Kaneda, beating out rumoured contenders James Franco, Zac Efron, Keanu Reeves and Robert Pattinson. Jaume Collet-Sera is attached as director, according to Variety.

Cult classic Akira began life in 1982 as a manga comic series from the pen of Katsuhiro Otomo, and was made into an iconic anime film in 1988. The cyber-punk title was one of the first manga works to be translated into English in full, by Marvel.

Set in post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo, it follows biker gang leader Kaneda as he tries to rescue his friend Tetsuo from the government, who have kidnapped him to study his psychic powers.

In the new film, the action will be transported to ‘New Manhattan’.