Al Pacino forgets he’s on ‘The One Show’ and tries to leave set mid-interview

The legendary actor was quite confused

Al Pacino appeared to be confused about which TV programme he was appearing on in an interview that has caused a stir online.

The legendary actor was on BBC’s The One Show last night (February 4) to promote his new Amazon series Hunters with his co-star Logan Lerman.

During the interview, Lerman was telling presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones that Hunters is the kind of work you think about all the time – even dream about – before Pacino cuts in to say: “You always dream about the things you’re doing.”


Jones then asks Pacino if he’d dreamed about coming on The One Show the night before, to which he looks utterly bemused. Sensing he’s forgotten which programme he is currently on, Jones clarifies: “This is The One Show.”

Fans took to social media to comment on the awkward moment that was thankfully met by peals of laughter in the studio and a humble-looking Pacino poking fun at his faux pas. “I should have though,” he said, in reference to dreaming about the show.

Later, Pacino said he was “just going to leave” the set before Baker and Jones said the interview wasn’t over yet.

Twitter users praised Pacino, with one writing that the actor seemed like an “all-round lovely person”. Others said that it was unusual to see Pacino on the show and compared it to “seeing The Pope on Deal or No Deal.”


Hunters follows a team of Nazi-hunters in 1970s New York City. It premieres on February 21 on Amazon Prime Video.

Pacino is up for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards on Monday (February 10) for his performance in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.