Albert Maysles, director of Rolling Stones documentary ‘Gimme Shelter’, dies aged 88

Maysles also directed a 1964 documentary following The Beatles in the US

Albert Maysles, one of the directors of classic 1970 Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter, has passed away at the age of 88.

Maysles and his brother and co-director David, who died in 1987, followed the Rolling Stones on their 1969 US tour which culminated in the infamous Altamont Free Concert. While the band were performing on stage, a fan in the crowd was stabbed to death, and this tragic incident was captured on film in Albert and David Maysles’ acclaimed documentary.

The Maysles brothers also followed The Beatles on tour in the US for a 1964 documentary titled What’s Happening! The Beatles In The U.S.A.. Hollywood legends Orson Welles and Marlon Brando were among their other documentary subjects.

Their 1976 documentary Grey Gardens, which followed the lives of two reclusive US socialites living in a derelict mansion in upstate New York, has become a cult classic and was adapted into a 2009 HBO film starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

Following his brother David’s death, Albert Maysles continued to make documentaries, mostly with his longtime co-directors Susan Froemke and Deborah Dickson. Their 2001 documentary LaLee’s Kin: The Legacy Of Cotton, which captured the lives of a cripplingly poor African-American family living in the deep south of the United States, was nominated for an Academy Award.

Albert Maysles died at his home in Manhattan, New York on Thursday (March 5) of natural causes. He survived by his wife, Gillian, and three children, Rebekah, Sara and Philip.