Alec Baldwin’s car stolen upon landing in the UK

The actor is in the country filming his first movie since the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his last film

A car sent to pick up Alec Baldwin from a UK airport was reportedly stolen before he could even get in it, the actor has revealed.

Baldwin arrived in the UK at the weekend to start work on his first film since the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his last project, Rust. His latest movie – believed to be independent film 97 Minutes – is being shot close to Alton, Hampshire.

The 30 Rock actor told fans in a video clip that he wants to “keep a little diary” during his work travels, and in one of his first entries he’s told fans of how the car sent to pick him up at the airport was taken upon his arrival.


“I’m going to go ahead and record this because I think it’s funny,” he began the clip, which sees him walking the streets of Alton. “I get to the airport and I get through immigration and they get my bags and I’m heading to the car that’s going to drive me to where I’m going. And the driver says, ‘I’m going to go to the car park and I’ll be back straight away.'”

Baldwin, who at times during the retelling was doing his best impression of a British accent, went on to explain that he didn’t hear from the driver for 20 minutes and so he called a number he had for the car service. The owner of company picked up the phone and informed the actor that the driver had reported that his car had been stolen from the car park.

“Oh shit,” Baldwin said, laughing to himself, before doing an impression of the driver who later came back to him to tell him what happened. “Anyway, I hope you found your car,” he added.

See the video below:

Meanwhile, Baldwin last month handed over his mobile phone to investigators looking into the shooting that killed Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust last October.


Baldwin discharged a live round in a prop gun during a scene rehearsal on October 21 that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza. He’s claimed that he was told the gun was “cold” (aka a blank) by assistant director Dave Halls.

The Sante Fe Sheriff’s department and district attorney are continuing to investigate the incident, with Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed and assistant director Dave Halls also under investigation.

Baldwin recently posted a 13-minute video to social media thanking fans for their support following the incident and sharing an update on his mental health.

“I’ve had more people who have been kind and thoughtful and generous of spirit than I’ve had people who are malignant about the death Halyna Hutchins,” Baldwin said.

“I’m not afraid to say that and to couch that in some euphemisms – somebody died very tragically. And I’ve gotten so much, I mean so much, goodwill from people. It’s just incredible.”

He continued: “This has been, surely, the worst situation I’ve ever been involved with, and I’m very hopeful that the people in charge with investigating this whole thing get to the truth as soon as possible. No one wants the truth more than I do.”