Alexander Skarsgard for ‘Tarzan’?

'True Blood' actor is reportedly the frontrunner to star in the David Yates film

Alexander Skarsgård has reportedly emerged as the frontrunner to star in a new Tarzan movie.

The True Blood actor is said to be Harry Potter director David Yates’ first choice to play the vine-swinging hero in his upcoming version of the classic tale, reports Variety.

However, Warner Bros, the studio behind the film, have yet to finalise casting details and there has not been an approach for Skarsgård yet. Others actors linked to the role include Charlie Hunnam, Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy. It is thought the movie will be green-lit before the end of the year, with filming due to start in summer 2013.

While thought to have been attached to the project for several months, director David Yates’ involvement was only confirmed last week (November 2012).

The new Tarzan movie is the first directing job for David Yates since the end of the Harry Potter film franchise. He helmed the final four JK Rowling adaptations, wrapping up the series with last year’s Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

Tarzan, a character created by American author Edward Rice Burroughs, last swung into cinemas in 1999 in an animated Disney movie. Over the years, he has been portrayed on screen by numerous actors, including Johnny Weissmuller, Christopher Lambert and Casper Van Dien.