All-female ‘Lord of the Flies’ adaptation announced by Warner Bros

It will be directed by two men

An all female Lord of the Flies film is in the works, it has been announced.

The film is set to be made by Warner Bros, with Scott McGehee and David Siegel to direct. The pair last collaborated on the 2012 film What Maisie Knew.

The novel, written by William Golding, imagines a group of boarding school boys stuck on a desert island without an authority figure. The book was last made into a film in 1990 by director Harry Hook, and in 1963 by Peter Brook.


Speaking to Deadline, Siegel explained: “We want to do a very faithful but contemporized adaptation of the book, but our idea was to do it with all girls rather than boys. It is a timeless story that is especially relevant today, with the interpersonal conflicts and bullying, and the idea of children forming a society and replicating the behavior they saw in grownups before they were marooned.”

McGehee added: “it shifts things in a way that might help people see the story anew. It breaks away from some of the conventions, the ways we think of boys and aggression.”

The script has yet to be written, but McGehee admitted the pair were “super eager to put pen to paper.”

The announcement has already garnered criticism from some online, who believe that the “toxic masculinity” theme of Lord of the Flies will struggle to translate to an all-female cast.


A release date or cast have yet to be revealed.