Amanda Knox’s father wants ‘Trial In Italy’ pulled from schedules

Dad launches lawsuit to stop film of daughter's trial being broadcast

Amanda Knox’s father has launched a lawsuit to stop a dramatisation of his daughter’s trial being broadcast.

Amanda Knox: Trial In Italy was originally aired on US TV station Lifetime in February. Now Curt Knox is suing the channel to have repeat showings of the film stopped.

The Knox family originally complained about the film, which stars Heroes actress Hayden Panetiere as the American accused of murdering British student Meredith Kercher, before it was first shown.

At the time, on the family’s instruction, lawyers ordered Lifetime not to show the dramatisation as they claimed it exploited Knox’s ordeal and contained several “implausible” scenes. Despite this, the movie was screened.

Now, with Amanda Knox and ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito cleared of Kercher’s murder after a successful appeal, Curt Knox has relaunched his complaint against Lifetime and the film, which depicts his daughter as a violent killer.

Lifetime are yet to pull the film, but since the pair’s ‘not guilty’ verdict earlier this week, there has been an amendment before the closing credits stating Knox was freed due to overwhelming doubts about the legitimacy of DNA evidence used to convict her.