Amy Winehouse drugs gag pulled from ‘Deadpool’, reports say

A lengthy joke about the late singer may have been pulled from Marvel's latest following her death

Reports have emerged suggesting an early version of the Deadpool script featured an ongoing gag about Amy Winehouse, her drug use and her death, though the version of the script is thought to have been written prior to Winehouse passing away.

A YouTube video by well-established movie presenter ‘My Sunday Movies’ talks through various revisions of the movie’s script, including deleted characters and scenes. In the process what was to be an extended gag ending with Winehouse passing away in the credits is revealed.

According to the video, an early script written before Winehouse’s death included the singer narrowly avoiding death throughout the movie, before being hit by a bus during the credits, with Ryan Reynolds lead character quipping “you would have thought it would be an overdose.”


The video also reports a number of action scenes being removed from the movie for budget reasons.

View the video via YouTube, below:

Reynolds, meanwhile, has launched a tongue-in-cheek Oscar campaign for the movie, campaigning via Twitter for the movie to be a write-in nominee.

Posting a Deadpool themed poster for his campaign, titled ‘For Your Consiberation [sic]’, the image outlines which categories Reynolds would like the movie to be nominated for, including ‘Best Leaked Footage’ and ‘Best Love Scene’.

‘Deadpool’ is ineligible for an Oscar this year as it did not premiere in 2015, something Reynolds does acknowledge in his tweet. The movie has already scored the most successful opening for an R-Rated movie in American history.


A sequel has reportedly been given the green light recently.


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