Andrew Garfield says he wants Spider-Man and The Avengers to team up in a movie

Hugh Jackman recently revealed that he wants the X-Men to team up with Spidey and The Avengers

Andrew Garfield has revealed that he wants to see Spider-Man team up with The Avengers.

During a panel for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday (July 19), the actor was asked which storyline from the Spider-Man comic books he’d like to see in a movie.

“I’d like to see him with The Avengers,” Garfield replied. “Am I not allowed to say that? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Just sayin’.”


Although Spider-Man has appeared as part of The Avengers in Marvel comic books, the big screen distribution rights to the web-slinging superhero are owned by Columbia Pictures, which would have to come to an agreement with Disney, distributors of The Avengers, to make the joint movie happen.

However, Garfield isn’t the only star keen on this kind of team-up. Earlier this month (July), Hugh Jackman revealed that he wants to appear in a massive crossover film featuring the stars of X-Men, The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man. “At some point I just find it almost impossible that there’s not a way to bring Iron Man, all the Avengers characters, Wolverine, the X-Men characters, Spider-Man, and somehow get them in together,” Jackman said.

In advance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Comic-Con panel, a brief teaser clip for the sequel was released. It features the first glimpse of Jamie Foxx‘s Electro, the film’s main villain, and you can watch it here.

Foxx was also present at the Comic-Con panel yesterday and spoke about his character Max Dillon, a geeky engineer who turns himself into a high-voltage supervillain called Electro by charging himself up with massive amounts of electricity. “He’s a 42 year old guy who’s been living at home with his mom, an electricity genius. When you see Max, it’s actually his birthday and even his mom doesn’t remember his birthday,” he explained.

“You immediately see that it makes sense he has so much venom and anger. I want him to be a serious individual who wants to burn the city down. And burn Spider-Man with it.”