Andy Serkis hints that he will appear in ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’

Actor is best known for his roles in the 'Lord Of The Rings' and 'King Kong'

Andy Serkis has revealed that he will appear in the forthcoming Avengers sequel.

The actor, known for his roles in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy as Gollum, owns motion-capture company The Imaginarium and was working on the Marvel blockbuster as a consultant. However, in a new interview he has confirmed that he may also pop up on screen in the eagerly anticipated title.

“The Imaginarium is the performance capture consultant and I’m playing a role (in both films),” he told Variety. “On The Avengers, I’ve been working closely with Mark Ruffalo.”

Quizzed on whether he will be seen on screen when the film is released, Serkis replied: “I’m not at liberty to mention. But it’s all the same to me. I’ve never drawn a distinction when playing a role, whether it be live action or performance capture. Acting is acting. It’s just basically what you wear to the set that’s different.”

The sequel to the hugely successful 2012 movie The Avengers will open on April 24, 2015 in the UK while US viewers will have to wait seven extra days, when the film opens there on May 1.