Andy Serkis read out Trump tweets as Gollum, and it was everything

The word "covfefe" has never sounded so good.

Andy Serkis has gamely read out some of Donald Trump‘s tweets in the style of Gollum from Lord Of The Rings.

The actor and motion-capture specialist was appearing on Stephen Colbert’s chatshow to promote War For The Planet Of The Apes when the host, a huge Tolkien fan, asked him to revive his iconic role.

“The fake news media has never been so wrong, or so dirty,” Serkis-as-Gollum complains. “Purposely incorrect stories and phony sources to meet their agenda of hate. Sad.”

He also delivers Trump’s infamous typo word “covfefe” in the style of Gollum.

“That’s the most beautiful thing,” Colber says afterwards. “I’ve got to say, they actually sound better that way.”

Watch Serkis bringing back Gollum to read out Trump tweets below, about three and a half minutes into the video.

Meanwhile, Sir Ian McKellen has recently reprised his Lord Of The Rings role as Gandalf for a one-man show.

Earlier this year, five other members of the Lord Of The Rings cast got together for a mini reunion.

Dominic Monaghan, who played Meriadoc Brandybuck in Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy, shared pictures of himself hanging out at a restaurant with Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Billy Boyd (Peregrin Took) and Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins).