Angelina Jolie: ‘My Cleopatra won’t be a sex symbol’

Jolie says performance as Egyptian Queen will differ from Elizabeth Taylor's

Angelina Jolie has denied that she will play Cleopatra as a “sex symbol”.

The Oscar-winner has been cast as the Egyptian Queen in forthcoming big-screen biopic Queen of The Nile, Cleopatra: A Life.

But Jolie has now stressed that her performance will be different from Elizabeth Taylor‘s iconic portrayal of her as a “great beauty” in an interview with the Telegraph. “She had been very misunderstood. I thought it was all about the glamour, but then I read about her and she was a very strong mother, she spoke five languages and she was a leader.”


“My performance will never be as lovely as Elizabeth‘s. We are trying to get into a different truth about her as a pharaoh in history and not as a sex symbol, because she really wasn’t. Even this idea of her having many lovers – it was possible that it was only two. She is very interesting, but she wasn’t a great beauty.”

Jolie named The Social Network director David Fincher as her first choice to helm the epic, due in 2013, although Paul Greengrass of the Bourne series is believed to be the frontrunner. James Cameron has also been linked to the job.