Another Day In The Death Of America: David Oyelowo to star in gun violence film

The man who should have won an Oscar for Selma is tackling America's gun violence epidemic

David Oyelowo, the British actor celebrated for his portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr, is to tackle another role focusing on American civil liberties.

The 40-year-old star of Selma has been slated to star in Another Day In The Death Of America, a film dramatisation of a non-fiction book by the Guardian’s former US correspondent Gary Younge, who investigated the deaths of 10 children shot dead in the USA on a day picked at random.

The youngest child killed on 23 November 2013, the day Younge chose to investigate, was nine and the oldest 19. None of the deaths made the national news, but he looked up their families in an effort to tell the stories both of their deaths, and of how they lived.


Gun violence, especially against African-American youth, is very much on the agenda in the USA following a spate of highly publicised killings, especially at the hands of the police. The country has been rocked by protests angry at the deaths of the likes of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Oyelowo, who many feel was robbed of an Oscar for his portrayal of Dr King in 2015, is currently filming American Express alongside Charlize Theron, before starting on a sci-fi thriller called God Particle with Gugu Mbhta-Raw. Later this year, he will take the lead in Othello in an off-Broadway production opposite Daniel Craig.

Younge’s book is due to be published in the UK in September by Faber & Faber.