Another iconic Marvel character could appear in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’


Fearsome Daily Bugle editor J.Jonah Jameson could be the next Marvel character to make a welcome return in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The latest iteration of the web-slinger has so far differed greatly from previous iterations – depicting Tom Holland’s character in the days before he became one of the Daily Bugle’s most in-demand photographers by selling snaps of Spider-Man.

While that means we haven’t seen cigar-chomping, Spidey-hating Jameson in the MCU, it could be all about to change.


In a recent interview with ComicBook, producer  Eric Hauserman Carroll discussed the concept of introducing both Jameson and the Daily Bugle into the MCU.

“We’ve absolutely talked and thought about those characters a lot, specifically in reference to this film,” Carroll said.”What we just want to make sure we’re [presenting] them in a way that doesn’t make you feel instantly like you’ve seen them before.

“So we have a couple of ideas, some of which I can’t really go into detail because they’re spoiler-y, but it’s absolutely – if we had an ‘in for the Daily Bugle that wasn’t just your traditional newspaper and [with] Peter Parker, there’s this cool, weird thing happening where being a photographer isn’t necessarily a mark of distinction anymore. We all have better cameras in our pockets than most people even owned ten years ago.”

He added: “So how do we get Peter or somebody into that world without it feeling like, do kids really aspire to go be photographers for The New York Times anymore? Or do they aspire to have their tweet reposted, and so on?

“So we’re trying to pay as much homage to the source material as possible, and we do think there are a couple of fun ideas like that in here, most of which I don’t want to spell out for you, but absolutely. We want to take as much of the mythology that people love and present it in a way that’s totally faithful to what people love about it, but in a [different] way.”


When asked if that means Jameson will be left out of the latest movie, he cryptically teased: “”No.”

Meanwhile, the latest trailer for Far From Home debuted earlier this week, showing the titular character facing the fall-out of how Avengers: Endgame came to an end and revealing that the next instalment will exist within a multiverse.


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