Anthony Hopkins channels Hannibal Lecter with ‘terrifying’ dance video

Hello, Clarice...

Sir Anthony Hopkins has shared a video of what he gets up to when he’s bored – and it’s brilliantly terrifying.

“This is what happens when you’re all work and no play”, the 80-year-old wrote on Twitter, alongside a clip that shows a lesser-seen side to the Oscar winner.

In the video, Hopkins appears to channel the spirit of Hannibal Lecter as he dances around the room while frenetic instrumental music plays in the background.

Throughout the 32-second display, he also appears to be employing Lecter’s terrifying facial expressions too – unnervingly baring his teeth to the camera.

Although it’s unclear why Hopkins chose to post the clip, it’s resulted in quite the mix of confusion and enjoyment among fans.

“Hannibal Lecter is nowhere near as terrifying as dancing Anthony Hopkins”, one Twitter user wrote.

Another replied: “Creepy and hilarious at the same time! I’m laughing so hard, something’s wrong with my sense of humor I guess”

In 2016, Hopkins took a key role in the first season of Westworld, playing Robert Ford – the creator of the eponymous theme park.

Although it’s yet to be revealed if Hopkins will return for Season 2, the show returned last night – with the first episode receiving widespread praise.