Are Universal Studios making a new Harry Potter video game ride?

The company has filed a patent suggesting there are plans in the works

Universal Studios are rumoured to be making a new Harry Potter “video game” ride.

The company is reported to have filed a patent for a ride that allows users to interact with and change their experience.

According to Biz Journals, the patent details a ride with a “game controller” that helps users “modify the game environment”.


As SlashFilm points out, this would not be the first interactive ride to exist, with Disney’s Buzz Lightyear: Astro Blasters and Universal’s Men In Black: Alien Attack falling into this category.

However, Universal’s new patent suggests the ride could include scenarios that change depending on the age and experience of the rider.

It reads: “The interactive game ride may also provide the benefit of a dynamic narrative that changes in response to interest from the game players. For example, if a family with small children is participating in the ride, the game may receive input on the player ages to select appropriate game environments.

“Alternatively or additionally, the player interactions with the game may also influence the game to provide feedback. In one example, the game is a series of puzzle rooms, and the actions that the players take within each scene or puzzle change the environment and allow different paths to be activated or different physical effects to take place.”

Rumours that the ride could be Harry Potter themed have come from the fact the patent includes motion sensitive aspects. The example that is used in the document is a “wizard-themed game” that uses “wands”.

“If the wand motion is associated with a particular spell that is an effective spell for the game, the player’s score may be updated to indicate a successful ‘freezing spell’ or other spell has been cast,” it says at one point.


There is no official confirmation of what the patent is intended for or if a new Harry Potter ride will be coming to one of Universal’s theme parks soon.