Armando Ianucci confirms ‘Alan Partridge’ movie will be released in 2013

Ianucci also reveals 'Father Ted' director Declan Lowney will be behind the camera for the film

Armando Ianucci has confirmed that the Alan Partridge film will be released in 2013 and that the script is complete.

Ianucci, who co-created the character and has co-written a large number of Partridge episodes, told Empire that the script is finished, but was being constantly rewritten.

He also said that Declan Lowney, who has directed a number of episodes of Father Ted, Cold Feet and Happiness, will direct the film when it goes into production later this year.


Speaking about the film, Ianucci, who is also an executive producer, said: “It’s just about all come together now, so that’ll be shot later in the year. At the moment it’s ‘The Alan Partridge Movie’ but that’s just a working title. The script is written but we’re always rewriting, rewriting and rewriting.”

The writer went onto say that the film is “slapstick” and avoids politics and controversy entirely. He added: “We’ve written it, but it’s a slapstick movie, it’s not political, it’s not satire.”

It was confirmed earlier this year that the new Alan Partridge spin-off show Mid Morning Matters With Alan Partridge will return for a second series. The shows are based around the character’s radio show on North Norfolk Digital. It will be available to be watched on