Arnie Hammer admits he was an ‘asshat’ for mocking tributes to Stan Lee

Call Me By Your Name star says he will 'work on my Twitter impulse control'

Call Me By Your Name actor Arnie Hammer has apologised for a series of tweets, in which he mocked fellow actors’ tributes to Marvel creator Stan Lee, who died on Monday aged 95.

Hammer had called for “a cultural revamp” after calling out actors who had posted selfies with Lee as part of their tributes to the creator of Spider-Man, The X-Men and The Fantastic Four.

Tom Hardy, Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland were among the celebrities who posted selfies alongside their tributes to Lee. Hammer had said: “Posting a selfie makes his death about you and how cool you felt taking a picture with him. If your answer is ‘post a selfie’ then I think we need a cultural revamp across the board.”

Stan Lee

Stan Lee

But Hammer, who has also starred in The Social Network, The Lone Ranger and Mine, faced criticism for trying to police other people’s grief.

The actor has posted an apology on Twitter. Hammer wrote: “While attempting to provide some unnecessary social commentary about the current selfie culture I, (in true asshat form – thank you Jeffrey Dean Morgan) inadvertently offended many who were genuinely grieving the loss of a true icon. I want to apologise from the bottom of my heart and will be working on my Twitter impulse control.”

Hammer’s critics included Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan in The Walking Dead. In a now-deleted tweet, Morgan wrote: “Looks like you found a way to use others’ ways of mourning and their memories as a way to draw attention to yourself. You sound like a real asshat.”

Lee’s daughter JC said following her father’s death that they were working on a new superhero character called Dirt Man, who she hoped would be completed in her father’s honour.