Arnold Schwarzenegger re-records his classic movie lines for Reddit – watch

Actor videos himself delivering famous lines including 'Get to the choppa!' from 'Predator'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has re-recorded some of his most famous lines from movies including Conan, Predator and Kindergarten Cop.

The actor took requests on Reddit to promote his new film Escape Plan, which has just opened in cinemas in the US and UK. “Whenever I go to an event, someone asks me to yell out one of my lines. Even when I walk into Starbucks, people scream at me to ‘Get to the choppa!’,” Schwarzenner explained.

“So to celebrate Escape Plan hitting theaters today, since I’ve already done an AMA and a Fitness AMA and I pop in on /r/fitness when I can, I thought it would be fun to offer myself to yell out all of your favorite lines. I’m on set, so I will check in and upload the videos as responses throughout the day. I can’t wait to scream one of my wilder lines and scare the crew.”

At the time of writing, each of Schwarzenegger’s eight videos has amassed over 250,000 views on YouTube and one video – “You hit like a vegetarian” from Escape Plan – has racked up over 2.6 million views. Before he signed off, Schwarzenegger admitted he should return to the project “because I missed some great ones”, so he could still recreate his most iconic line of all: “I’ll be back” from Terminator.

Watch Schwarzenegger recreate “You hit like a vegetarian”, “Get to the choppa!” from Predator and “Put that cookie down!” from Kindergarten Cop below. The rest of the videos are available to view on the actor’s YouTube channel.