Aubrey Plaza says cinema’s last defenders are “me, Martin Scorsese, and Spielberg”

"I’m romantic about it"

Aubrey Plaza has said that she is the last believer in the theatrical experience alongside Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg.

The White Lotus actor named the two major film directors as the only two other people who are “waving that theatrical flag”, when discussing the cinema experience.

“I’m one of the last people that’s kind of waving that theatrical flag,” Plaza told Deadline when discussing her new film Emily The Criminal.


“Me, Martin Scorsese, and Spielberg, just the three of us. I’m romantic about it. I just believe with all my heart that if you make a movie that’s undeniably great, people will hear about it and want to see it.”

In 2019, Scorsese divided audiences after comparing comic-book movies, like Marvel’s Avengers and Spider-Man, to theme parks, saying: “It isn’t the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.” He later elaborated on his stance in a New York Times essay.

Spielberg said last year that he believes that cinema will never die, saying that “none is more powerful than the communal experience of the arts.”

Meanwhile, Aubrey Plaza also recalled a “crappy job” she had where her photo was taken with Donald Trump.

She explained that she worked as Noddy the elf as a mascot in New York City and encountered the Trump family.

“One evening as Noddy the elf, my boss at the time said, ‘Get a picture with the Trump family,’ and [Donald] Trump did not want anything to do with me,” Plaza said. “I was very creepily, arms open, like, ‘Hey buddy!’ I got in there, I had to.”

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