Aubrey Plaza joins the undead in exclusive clip from zombie comedy ‘Life After Beth’ – watch

The 'zom-com' also stars Dane DeHaan and is released in cinemas October 1

Aubrey Plaza’s lust for blood as the undead Beth goes into manic overdrive in an exclusive clip from the zombie comedy Life After Beth.

Written and directed by Plaza’s husband Jeff Baena, the ‘zom-com’ also stars Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spiderman 2) as Beth’s freaked out boyfriend Zach. The film is released in cinemas October 1.

In the clip Zach arrives at Beth’s house to a scene of carnage with her parents desperate to calm her down. “Go and tell her you’ll be together forever,” pleads Beth’s dad (John C. Reilly) “She’s going to eat me!” wails Zach as Beth walks through a glass door, kills something in the garden and punches her fist through a wall.

The genre-mashing comedy examines the impact of a zombie apocalypse in suburbia. Baena’s horror trip follows Zach’s nightmare when his girlfriend dies from a suspected snake bite but rises from the grave and returns home to her overjoyed parents who resolutely refuse to believe Zach’s claims she’s now a zombie.

Plaza stars in the long running TV comedy series Parks and Recreation. The actress will also feature with Johnny Depp in the crime caper Mortdecai in cinemas next year.

Dane DeHaan will be seen next on screen as Hollywood icon James Dean in Control director Anton Corbjin’s biopic Life.Video