‘Avatar 2’ release delayed until 2016, says producer

Jon Landau reveals that Pandora-set sequel won't be out for some time…

The release of Avatar 2 has been delayed until 2016, according to its producer Jon Landau.

Previously, director James Cameron had insisted that he was planning on releasing the next film in the series in December 2014, with Avatar 3 set to follow a year later in December 2015.

However, according to The Huffington Post, Landau – who was speaking at a screening for the forthcoming Titanic remake – confirmed that Avatar 2 was at least “four years away” from hitting the big-screen.

In October last year, actor Sam Worthington claimed that Avatar 2 would be “monumental” and said that Cameron’s plans for the Pandora-based movie were well under way. He said: “It’s just a matter of him writing the script, piecing it together and figuring out how to push himself.

“He wants a challenge. And he wants to improve the audience’s experience. He’s been messing about with 3D and frame rates a lot more.”

Cameron, meanwhile, will see his 3D remake of Titanic open in cinemas on April 6. The director recently promised that the new version of the film would be “more intimate” than the original.