‘Avatar 2’ will reportedly start shooting this April

But the sequel's release date is currently unknown

James Cameron’s Avatar sequel finally looks set to start shooting in April.

Writer-director Cameron is working on three sequels to his 2009 blockbuster – the highest-grossing film of all time – and is planning to release them one a year for three consecutive years. Originally, the first sequel was supposed to come out in late 2016, but last year Cameron delayed it to Christmas 2017.

Last month (January) the sequel disappeared from 20th Century Fox’s 2017 release slate and the studio has yet to confirm when it is now due to arrive in cinemas. When Avatar 2 was pushed back to Christmas 2017 last year, the studio’s Chairman-CEO Jim Gianopulos told investors: “Jim Cameron has his own pace.”

However, media website My Entertainment World is now reporting that the sequel will go into production on April 15 in Manhattan Beach, California and New Zealand.

On the website the film’s “story” is described as follows: “Jake Sully permanently transfers his consciousness to his Na’vi avatar and begins a new life with Princess Neytiri after they defeat the human colonizers.”

Released in 2009, Avatar became the highest-grossing film ever after raking in nearly $2.8 billion (£1.8 billion) at cinemas worldwide. It was nominated for nine Oscars the following year, taking home three in technical categories.