‘Avengers Assemble’ criticised for Indian slum scenes

The Marvel movie is attacked over 'bad taste' scenes featuring Mark Ruffalo's character

Avengers Assemble has been criticised for its portrayal of Indian slums.

The Marvel blockbuster has enjoyed a healthy opening in India, raking in INR110m (£1.3m), but its success has been marred by high profile attacks over scenes set in the country.

As the movie opens, Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow tracks down Mark Ruffalo‘s Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, to Kolkata, where he is attempting to keep his rages in check by working as a doctor in the slums.

Actor Rituparna Sengupta, known for Bengali-language films, told the Hindustan Times: “Kolkata has a rich culture and heritage, and a film-maker should respect that. There are two scenes about India and they only show slums. It could have been done in better taste.”

Meanwhile Bollywood star Neha Dupia added his own voice of dissent. He said: “It is disturbing to see the murky underbelly of India in Hollywood films. But before pointing it out to the west, we need to make efforts to change [the west’s] perception about us.”

However, the Hollywood Reporter says that the Indian scenes were actually filmed in New Mexico.

The film, called simply The Avengers internationally, broke box office records with its US opening last weekend, breaking the $200 million for its first-weekend figures. You can watch the trailer below.