‘Avengers Assemble’ will surprise, says Robert Downey Jr – video

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Robert Downey Jr has promised that audiences will be surprised by Avengers Assemble.

Speaking at the movie’s European premiere, in a video which you can watch above, the Iron Man actor said that Joss Whedon‘s Marvel mash-up goes deeper than many fans will expect from a comic book movie.

He said: “I think [people] can expect to be surprised by how thorough it is and how thoughtful it is, and it actually has a lot of heart too.” Of the challenges of putting his character together with Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, he added: “We really just wanna make sure that all the characters kind of come together and have a chemistry, and it’s hard to know that until you start.”

But he reckoned: “It’s been a ball and I’m in my sixth year now being a Marvelite, so I hope the tradition continues.” The actor is already signed up to star in Iron Man 3

Mark Ruffalo, who makes his debut as Hulk, described the excitement when all the Avengers actors did finally assemble: “We all walked out onto the multimillion dollar set and there we were, and the mother of all comic book movies was finally coming to life.”

Chris Hemsworth, who makes his second screen outing as Thor, praised writer/director Whedon: “The most interesting bits for me were the interaction between the characters and the dialogue. Joss Whedon’s just an incredible writer, there’s a great amount of humour and wit to it.” Hemsworth also worked with Whedon on The Cabin In The Woods.

Avengers Assemble kicks off the summer blockbuster season this Friday (April 27).

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