‘Avengers: Endgame’ directors reveal deleted scene featuring Thor and Valkyrie

Even the God of Thunder gets friend zoned

Avengers: Endgame directors have revealed that a scene featuring Thor and Valkyrie was cut from the final version of the movie.

Speaking on EW Morning Live, directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that they cut a scene featuring Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) from the final sequence of Endgame, when the God of Thunder turns over leadership of New Asgard over to Thompson’s character.

“In the ending, we wanted to keep it tight, so we were looking for things to squeeze there,” Anthony Russo told Jessica Shaw and Dalton Ross, hosts of the Sirius XM show. “But he had this beat with Valkryie where she puts her arm on his shoulder and he sort of starts to lean in for a kiss. She goes, ‘What are you doing?’

“Thor is confused. ‘Oh, I thought that touch…’ and she was like, ‘No, that was, like, a goodbye tap I was giving you,’” Anthony recalled. “It was a really funny beat, but we cut it.”

“It was really cute,” Joe Russo added. “And it was mostly improvised by the two of them, so it was very funny.”

Watch the Russos’ full interview below:

Meanwhile, James Cameron has hailed the success of Avengers: Endgame after the superhero epic overtook Titanic to become the second highest grossing film of all time.

The box-office slaying Marvel movie overtook Cameron’s Oscar-winning film earlier this week after grossing more than £1.7 billion at the box office within two weeks of its release. It could also beat Cameron’s Avatar, which itself knocked Titanic from the top spot after grossing £2.3 billion upon release in 2009.

“An Iceberg sank the real Titanic. It took the Avengers to sink my Titanic,” Cameron wrote on Twitter. “Everyone here at Lightstorm Entertainment salutes your amazing achievement. You’ve shown that the movie industry is not only alive and well, it’s bigger than ever!”

While Endgame broke records after grossing $1 billion in its opening weekend, it is also the most tweeted about movie after being included in over 50 million posts on the social media site.