‘Back To The Future”s Doc Brown returns for TV commercial – video

Christopher Lloyd back in the DeLorean for electronics promo

Christopher Lloyd has stepped back into the DeLorean in character as Doctor Emmett Brown in an advert for an Argentinian Electronics Store.

The video shows an Argentinian couple whose romantic evening is cut short as the DeLorean appears from nowhere and comes to a standstill outside an electronics store.

The couple give chase, the car doors open and Christopher Lloyd, in full Doc Brown costume, steps out somewhat perplexed by the technology surrounding him.

Slashfilm are reporting the advert is for Garbarinos, an electronics superstore.

In 2010, the year Back To The Future celebrated it’s 25-year anniversary, co-creator Bob Gale spoke out about the chances of a fourth instalment:

The story is closed. When Michael J Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s we said ‘Come on. Who wants to see a Back to the Future movie if Michael J Fox isn’t in it?’ I don’t. He didn’t. Nobody does.

Last week, Gale revealed just how Doc and Marty became such good friends.