Barack Obama: “Anne Hathaway is the best thing in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’”

US President says actress is "spectacular" after enjoying her performance as Catwoman

President Barack Obama has revealed that Anne Hathaway was his highlight of The Dark Knight Rises.

The actress plays Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in the final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, which opened in cinemas on both sides of the Atlantic last month (July). Hathaway underwent extensive martial arts training for the role, which she has called the “most physically demanding” of her career.

At a fundraising dinner held by movie producer Harvey Weinstein in Connecticut yesterday (August 6), President Obama took the opportunity to praise Hathaway’s efforts, Deadline reports. “She’s spectacular,” he said of the actress, who was also present at the event. “I got a chance to see Batman, and she was the best thing in it. That’s just my personal opinion.”

Other notable guests at the $35,800 (£22,900)-a-head dinner included Jerry Springer, Vogue Editor In Chief Anna Wintour and The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, whom Obama also singled out for praise. “[He] writes the way every Democrat in Washington wished they spoke,” said the President.

This is not the first time that Obama has commented on popular culture. Earlier this year (2012), the President revealed that he prefers Jay-Z to his ‘Watch The Throne’ comrade Kanye West, calling the latter “very talented” but also a “jackass”.