Barry Keoghan breaks silence on secret ‘The Batman’ role

"I’m still pinching myself"

Barry Keoghan has broken his silence on his role in The Batman.

The actor, who had been credited as ‘Untitled Arkham Prisoner’ before the new film was released, has now spoken on his experience filming Matt Reeves’ new DC movie.

“He’s brilliant, man,” Keoghan said of the director while in conversation with Esquire Middle East. “Reeves and Dylan Clark especially and together were amazing to me – really, really amazing to me.”


Reeves confirmed over the weekend that Keoghan’s character is in fact the man who will become the Joker, explaining the twist while in conversation with IGN.

Keoghan couldn’t name the character himself, but continued to Esquire: “Getting to be part of the Batman universe is [a huge deal for me]. I’m a fanboy of these movies, and especially the Batman universe.

“So be to be in that world, I’m still pinching myself. I’m in such a blessed position.”

In a four-star review of The BatmanNME wrote: “Director Matt Reeves has mixed up gritty mob drama with film-noir detective thriller – and thanks to [Paul] Dano’s ultra-creepy villain, some psychological horror too.

“Most of the time it comes off brilliantly. Pattinson plays him with a dour fanaticism that only occasionally topples over into parody.”


Elsewhere, a fan recently pranked a screening of The Batman in Austin by releasing a live bat in the auditorium.

“I’m at the Batman movie and there are real bats in the theatre,” one Twitter user who was at the screening in question tweeted.

Another person shared their own footage and wrote: “I was there. They tried to bait it into flying out.”

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