A new Batman comic shows the Caped Crusader’s penis for the first time

Bruce Wayne as you've never seen him....

Batman fans have been left baffled after the caped crusader’s penis was seen for the first time in a new comic.

DC Comics have launched a new string of titles called DC Black Label, with the aim of creating comics that will appeal to a mature audience.

If early reports are to believed, they’re heavier on violent, swearing, and it would seem more nudity.

One of the first stories is Batman: Damned which sees him facing off against John Constantine, but it just so happens to also include what appears be a brief view of  Bruce Wayne’s penis, as seen below.

The moment in question shows Bruce Wayne bearing all as he opts to ditch his famous batsuit.

Although visible in the print edition of Batman: Damned, it seems that DC are still being cautious – as it’s been almost entirely darkened in online versions of the comic.

Meanwhile, we were given our first glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix as Batman’s greatest adversary earlier this week.

The photo, posted by director Todd Phillips, shows Phoenix in a green jacket and with long hair. However, he’s entirely free of the elaborate make-up that The Joker usually sports.

Phillips also captioned the photo “Arthur”, which seemingly confirms widespread rumours that the character’s real name is Arthur Fleck.