Batman and Catwoman’s wedding is the focus of the latest ‘Batman’ comic

But does it all go to plan?

The latest Batman comic depicts the titular superhero’s long-awaited wedding to Catwoman.

The cover of Batman #50 – from the third volume of Batman DC comics – carries the title ‘The Wedding’, and features Batman and Catwoman caught in an embrace. The bottom of the cover tells the reader that they are “cordially invited” to witness the nuptials.


The comic, written by Tom King, was published yesterday (July 4) – and spoilers from the story are posted below.

Largely chronicling the hours before the sparsely-attended wedding of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman), the story eventually sees Kyle skipping out on the ceremony after she comes to the conclusion that a happily married Batman would be ineffective in his role as Gotham’s premier superhero.

Wayne was therefore left at the altar, considering his future. The comic’s final pages then appear to suggest that Batman’s latest misfortune was somehow masterminded by the incarcerated Bane.

Speaking about this issue of Batman, King told Entertainment Weekly: “My job as a Batman writer is to show you something you’ve never seen before. A Batman who has been left at the altar, who was that close to happiness, and then to have it yanked away from him, that’s something you haven’t seen before.

“The next bunch of issues are exploring that pain and exploring him trying to get back from that pain. That’s the emotional part of it. You’re gonna see the original Robin comes back, sort of like your best friend living on your couch when your girlfriend leaves you.”


Back in May, a new Batman TV show was announced.

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