This is what BB-8 was nearly called in ‘Star Wars’

The loveable droid's original name has been revealed

BB-8 was originally not called BB-8, a Star Wars insider has confirmed, and the droid’s name was initially a lot different.

A fan favourite, BB-8 was introduced in The Force Awakens and has the rare distinction of having met both Thom Yorke and Princes William and Harry.

Neal Scanlan, creature designer for the two latest Star Wars main franchise films The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi – recently said in an interview that BB-8 was originally called “Snow Girl or Globe”.

“We work absolutely during the production process with codes for secrecy,” he explained. “We have a bit of fun playing with ideas and that’s when we get to hear what their real names are.”

Scanlan added: “BB-8, for instance, started out as Snow Girl or  Globe at one time – there were four or five names for BB-8. BB-8 didn’t come until VERY, very late, and that’s probably for very good reasons as he’s such an important character.”

In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2015, Scanlan shared his opinion about whether BB-8 is male or female.

“I’m still not sure, dare I say, whether BB-8 is male or female,” he said at the time. “BB-8 was female in our eyes. And then he or she became male. And that’s all part of the evolution, not only visually, but in the way they move, how they hold themselves.”

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