Benedict Cumberbatch takes a shower in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ deleted scene – watch

The 'Sherlock' star shows off the results of his Hollywood baddie gym regime

Director JJ Abrams has unveiled a deleted scene from Star Trek Into Darkness.

The previously unseen clip shows Benedict Cumberbatch‘s character John Harrison taking a shower. You can watch it by skipping forward to the 1m 30s mark in the video below.

Abrams premiered the clip during an appearance on US chatshow Conan in which he apologised for the film’s controversial shot of Dr Carol Marcus – played by Alice Eve – standing in her underwear.

“I don’t think I quite edited the scene in the right way,” the director admitted. “But to me it was sort of a balance. There’s a scene earlier where (Chris Pine‘s) Kirk isn’t dressed either.”

“It’s not in the movie but we have this,” the director continued, before showing the deleted scene featuring a buff, bare-chested Cumberbatch. To bulk up for his role as the film’s villain, the Sherlock star consumed 4,000 calories a day and undertook an intense gym regime.

Star Trek Into Darkness opened in cinemas on May 8 and has grossed $184 million (£122 million) worldwide as of today (May 24) – a respectable start, but slightly under expectations.