Benedict Cumberbatch talks ‘Star Trek’ villain role

The actor describes his character as a 'psychological terrorist'

Benedict Cumberbatch has teased more details about his role in Star Trek Into Darkness.

The British actor plays the main villain John Harrison in JJ Abrams’ forthcoming sci-fi sequel. The character has previously been described as a ‘one man weapon of mass destruction’.

Now, the actor has revealed more about the character. He told SFX: “As a psychological terrorist, he’s someone who can plant an idea that’s as vicious as a bomb and explode loyalties and expose relationships and try and turn people against one another to do his bidding.”

The actor continued: “He really disrupts the unity aboard the ship, both physically and mentally. And he’s a worthy adversary – there’s a lot of shadowplay going on with him and Kirk and Spock, Kirk primarily, but both of those characters – he knows how to manipulate them.”

Mystery has surrounded the character, with the levels of secrecy leading many fans to speculate whether he could be playing Khan Noonien-Singh, the antagonist from the original Star Trek movie sequel The Wrath Of Khan.

Star Trek Into Darkness is released in the UK on May 9. Watch the trailer below.