‘Bill And Ted 3’ moves forward by signing director

'Galaxy Quest' director Dean Parisot now attached to the long-promised sequel

Bill And Ted 3 has moved a step closer to reality by signing a director.

Plans for a third movie featuring the duo were first confirmed publicly in 2010. According to Vulture, director Dean Parisot has now become attached to the project. Parisot’s previous movies include sci-fi spoof Galaxy Quest and Jim Carrey comedy Fun With Dick And Jane.

Released in 1989, Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure follows a pair of metalhead slackers – played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter – as they travel through time in a phone booth. A sequel, Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey, appeared in 1991.

Both Reeves and Winter are already on board for a third movie, whose script has been written by Bill And Ted‘s creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson. Discussing the sequel’s progress in March (2012), Reeves revealed: “Yeah, we have a script. We’re trying to put it together. It’s a good script too.”

Although the film now has a director as well as a script, it has yet to secure studio funding. According to Vulture, Solomon and Matheson decided to complete the screenplay before approaching studios to ensure that the project remains a sequel “as opposed to being a reboot or remake”.

In the meantime, Parisot is scheduled to direct Red 2, a sequel to the 2010 action comedy starring Bruce Willis. Reeves is currently shooting martial arts movie Man Of Tai Chi, while Winter now works mostly behind the camera. His next project as director will be a 3D remake of 1987 horror movie The Gate.