Bill Murray: ‘John Belushi and I gatecrashed The Who’s ‘Tommy’ party in the ’70s’

Murray recalls having an awkward encounter with Andy Warhol at the lavish NYC bash

Bill Murray has revealed that he, John Belushi and Harold Ramis gatecrashed a lavish party held to celebrate the New York premiere of The Who’s movie Tommy in 1975.

During his Reddit AMA, Murray described the event as “the biggest party ever in NYC at the time”, and recalled having an awkward encounter with Andy Warhol during the course of the evening.

Asked to name the best party he ever crashed, Murray replied: “Well, we crashed a famous party called ‘the subway party’ to celebrate the premiere of Tommy, in the 70s. It was Gilda Radner, Belushi, Harold Ramis, Joe Flaherty, Brian Doyle Murray, and we were all plus one, probably. It was biggest party ever in NYC at the time. You couldn’t get into this party. It was an inner circle thing.”

The party, Murray recalled, was held at an enclosed subway story packed with famous faces. “It was a scream. If you made an airport movie where everyone on the plane is a celebrity, it was like that times 10,” he said.

Continuing, Murray said that he and his friends “felt like we didn’t belong at all” at the party and admitted that he said something slightly embarrassing when he bumped into Andy Warhol. “I have compassion when people say dumb stuff to me [because] I said to Andy Warhol, ‘I love the soup can,’ and he looked at me like ‘You don’t belong here.’ What a time that was.”