Bill Murray pulled a ‘Groundhog Day’ by seeing the ‘Groundhog Day’ musical two nights in a row

Actor surprises cast by showing up to Broadway show again

Bill Murray did a Groundhog Day by attending the Groundhog Day musical in New York two nights in a row.

The actor – whose 1993 film saw his character reliving the same day over and over – first attended the stage adaptation in New York on Monday (August 8) and caused absolute chaos in the process.

According to New York Times journalist Sopan Deb, who had attended the Monday show, Murray was also present at Tuesday night’s (August 9) show too.


“THIS IS NOT A JOKE: Bill Murray went to see the Groundhog Day musical again tonight,” Deb wrote on Twitter.

“Guys what if he thinks he hasn’t seen it yet?”, Deb added. “Wait is it possible that this is yesterday?”

The writer went on to report that Murray had told the cast the previous day that he would be returning soon, but nobody had expected him to show up the following night.

See Deb’s tweets below.


Earlier this year, Murray announced his debut album, ‘New Worlds’, a classical project which will see him perform literary readings over chamber music from a trio led by cellist Jan Vogler.

The LP sees Murray singing Gershwin, West Side Story, and Stephen Foster and reading selections from Whitman, Hemingway, and Twain while the ensemble, which also features Mira Wang on violin and Vanessa Perez on piano, play Schubert, Bach, and Piazzolla.