‘Bill & Ted 3’ is ‘really close’ to happening, says star Alex Winter

Winter and co-star Keanu Reeves are 'actively trying to get it made'

A third Bill & Ted film is “really close” to actually happening, star Alex Winter has revealed.

Released in 1989, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure followed a pair of metalhead slackers – played by Winter and Keanu Reeves – as they travelled through time in a phone booth. A sequel, Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey, followed in 1991.

Plans for a third movie featuring the duo were first confirmed publicly in 2010. In March 2013, Reeves revealed that the film’s script was “done” and the project appeared to be moving forward by signing a director: Red 2‘s Dean Parisot. However, since then progress seems to have stalled.

“We’re really close. We’re just about there,” Winter told Yahoo! Movies at SXSW Film Festival over the weekend. “In Hollywood parlance, [that] means we’ll either be shooting soon, or it’s never going to happen.”

Winter explained that he and Reeves aren’t sick of being asked about the sequel – because they are playing an “active” role in trying to get it a green light. “It’s really been us driving the whole thing, me and Keanu and [writers] Chris [Matheson] and Ed [Solomon],” Winter explained. “So we’re producing it and we’re actively trying to get it made. We’re not tired of it, but I think for our fans, we are eager to stop talking about it and actually shoot the damn thing.”