‘Black Adam’ star Quintessa Swindell explains how the DC film differs from the comics

Swindell praised the "immense amount of creative liberty"

Black Adam star Quintessa Swindell has shared their thoughts on how the new DC film might differ from the comics.

Swindell, who has been cast as Maxine Hunkell / Cyclone in the forthcoming Shazam! spin-off, recently told NME how the process has been different to other titles in the cinematic universe.

The film will star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the titular character, who “is blessed by magic with the powers equal to Superman, but the difference is he doesn’t toe the mark or walk the line”.


Take a first look at the character below:

Reflecting on the process, Swindell told NME: “Historically, studio films like this one, the characters are represented in the comic and it stays in that realm respectfully.

“For this character, we’re doing that same thing but because the character isn’t so explored in the comics, there’s a lot of creative freedom building off of those foundations which has been really exciting.”

They added: “It’s really beautiful to see them keeping up that vision and fighting for what they believe the characters should be” and praised the “immense amount of creative liberty” given.

Quintessa Swindell is currently starring in Granada Nights, in which they are making their big screen debut. The film focuses on a British tourist who finds himself in Spain, as he strikes up a friendship with a group of students.


“I adore travelling alone,” Swindell told NME. “I’d taken a trip right after high school over to Europe, and was there for about three weeks. So to have my first project being about traveling just felt like such a beautiful experience to set the tone of my career.”

Granada Nights will be released in cinemas on May 28, while Black Adam is scheduled to be released on December 22.

Meanwhile, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has said he will run to be US President if it’s what his nation wants.

The actor and and wrestling icon has addressed his ambitions previously but has now responded to the results of a poll that show significant support should he decide to run.