Marvel wants ‘Black Panther’ to achieve a Best Picture nod at the Oscars

Is Wakanda heading for Oscars glory?

Marvel is reportedly launching a campaign to secure a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars for Black Panther, after the film proved to be a huge cultural phenomenon.

Upon release in February, the superhero epic achieved rave reviews before raking in a record-breaking $700 million (£5.4 million).

Now, The Los Angeles Times claims that Marvel are using some of that money to launch a Black Panther Oscar campaign.

It’s believed that they have hired veteran Oscar strategist Cynthia Swartz in order to increase the film’s chances during awards season.

They reportedly plan to highlight the film’s staggering global impact, becoming the first Marvel film with a black leading actor (Chadwick Boseman) and how it outgrossed Titanic at the US box office.

Although Marvel is yet to confirm the reports, Marvel studios boss Kevin Feige recently admitted that the film was worthy of recognition.

“I think there are a lot of amazing artists that helped to make that movie. And it would be wonderful if they could be recognised… We’ll see. This genre, typically not”, he recently told Vox.

If a Best Picture campaign does prove unsuccessful, the film could fare better when it comes to the new Popular Film category.

The new category is designed to reward films that may have traditionally missed out on Best Picture, but it has attracted the ire of Oscars purists.