‘Blade Runner 2049’ director responds to box office disappointment

Denis Villeneuve defends decision to reveal little of the film's plot before release

Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve has responded to the film’s poor takings at the box office.

The eagerly-anticipated sequel – which had a budget of $150 million – experienced an unexpectedly poor opening weekend and has gone on to take in just $74 million in total in the US.

Speaking to Vulture recently, Villeneuve said: “As a filmmaker, I’m not arrogant. People put a lot of money in the movie to allow me to make something like Blade Runner. They trusted me, and they gave me a lot of freedom, and they are friends. So of course I want the movie to be a success at the end of the day. It’s a long journey, but I want them not to lose money.”

Prior to the film’s release, little was revealed of the sequel’s plot. Villeneuve has now defended this decision, saying: “I liked the idea that you were supposed to learn it as the movie goes on. As a cinephile, one of my best experiences was when I was on a film festival jury. I had to watch 20 movies without knowing anything about them. You don’t know the genre, you don’t know the country, you don’t know the story.”

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Arguing that cinema-goers “want to know too many things” before seeing a movie, Villeneuve did add: “I’m relieved to be able to talk about the movie [now] – I spent a year talking around the pink elephant in the room.”

Meanwhile, the alternative titles originally considered for Blade Runner 2049 have been revealed.