‘Blue Story’ director Rapman discusses “hidden reasons” for Vue cinema ban: “It was an upsetting time”

An incident outside a Birmingham cinema has caused the film to be banned at some UK cinemas.

Blue Story director Rapman has hinted that there are “hidden reasons” to why the film has been banned at a host of UK cinemas.

On Saturday night (November 23), a major police incident transpired at the Birmingham Star City cinema complex, leading to the film being banned at all Vue and Showcase cinemas.

Blue Story has since been reinstated at Showcase cinemas, but remains banned at Vue venues, and Rapman has spoken of the “upsetting” ongoing experience, and that there might be a bigger picture behind the ban.


Rapman and the cast of ‘Blue Story’. Credit: Nick Wall

Speaking to the BBC, Rapman says that the Vue incident in Birmingham had “no link to Blue Story” and spoke of “hidden reasons” behind the ban.

“They were just in a cinema apparently for Frozen [2], but then they pinned it on Blue Story,” the director continued.

“And then you start thinking, is there hidden reasons there? What’s the owner like? Has he got an issue with young urban youth? Is he prejudiced? Does he believe that this film brings a certain type? Is there a colour thing? You start thinking of all these things, and it was an upsetting time.”

Rapman recently spoke to NME about Blue Story, and how to solve London’s gang violence problem. “Funnily enough, Jeremy Corbyn followed me on Twitter yesterday,” he said. “So I don’t know, maybe he’s interested in what I have to say.


“I don’t know if I want to meet with him, but he should watch Blue Story. If he agrees with what I’m trying to say, then he should get behind it and that goes for Boris as well. They should all be on the same team for this, regardless of who’s in the house. If they’re not, it’s never going to get solved.”


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